Having lectured and taught around the UK and internationally, Andrew regularly receives requests for advice from Physiotherapists working either outside of Sheffield or abroad. In such circumstances, Andrew has found it useful to utilise Skype to provide a consultation to the patient and guide the Physiotherapist on how to further facilitate their rehabilitation.

Should you be a Non-UK resident or live elsewhere in the UK but not close to Sheffield, Andrew is happy to provide you with a Skype Consultation. Throughout the UK, Skype Consultations are being utilised a lot more in both the NHS and Private Practice for those patients that are finding it difficult to attend appointments.

Initial concerns were raised regarding the limitations of such a service however; recent evidence suggests that patients receiving such a service find it acceptable, effective and would recommend it as successful.

As part of the consultation, Andrew will gain an understanding of your problem as he would in a face-to-face appointment. In order to undertake a Physical Examination, Andrew will ask you to perform movements and adopt specific postures to allow him to gain further understanding. This usually provides Andrew with adequate information as to the cause of your problem, how it’s impacting upon you and how to help you recover.

He will then guide you through the rehabilitation process through the means of demonstration and will supplement this with videos emailed through to you. As well as receiving a clear understanding of your problem and the necessary steps required to help you recover, Andrew will also forward you an electronic exercise diary so that you can track your rehabilitation and Andrew can remotely check your progress.

As ever, your needs are Andrew’s priority. Should he feel that he doesn’t have enough information to guide you through your rehabilitation, he will advise you of such and recommend the next steps required in order for you to gain an understanding of your problem and begin your recovery; this may be through further investigations or a face-to-face appointment with a local practitioner.

Should you require ‘hands-on’ treatment as part of your rehabilitation for example, manual therapy – Andrew will forward to you via email what he recommends, how it is performed and advise you on somebody local to you who maybe best suited to perform such treatment. Andrew is always happy to provide advice or guidance to a local Physiotherapist in a similar way and ‘oversee’ your rehabilitation via this format should that be necessary for you to achieve your goals.

It is anticipated that the length of time for the Skype Consultation will be the same as a face-to-face appointment and is thus available at the same price.

  • Initial Assessment (60 Minutes) – £80
  • Subsequent Follow Up (45 Minutes) – £60