Andrew feels it is both important and crucial for you to not feel rushed during your appointment and that time is taken to ensure that he fully understands your problem, your needs and your goals. Furthermore, Andrew is often providing a Specialist opinion or a second opinion on persistent problems. Therefore, Andrew offers consultations that are generally longer than most private practitioners in the area.

Initial Assessment appointments are scheduled to last 60 minutes; and any subsequent Follow Up sessions are scheduled to last 45 minutes.  Andrew’s priority is your need and therefore the appointments times are flexible to reflect this.

If you are to receive an Injection as part of your rehabilitation, there is a surcharge for this. The fee for the session is factored into the price of the Injection service and you do not therefore need to pay twice.

Where Andrew conducts his clinic, it is the clinic policy to request payment for the appointment on the day that you receive it. Payment usually occurs after the appointment and is handled by the Secretary. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, debit or credit card. Receipts are available if you need one, simply inform the Secretary following payment.

For those patients that possess Private Medical Insurance, the Insurance Company themselves are invoiced directly and therefore you do not need to pay.

The current Insurance companies registered include BUPA, Westfield, WPA, AXA PPP, Nuffield and BUPA self-pay. This list is every changing so if you are unsure whether you are covered please email

For those with Private Medical Insurance, please check:

  • That you will be reimbursed for attending physiotherapy with Andrew and that your condition is covered; Andrew works out of ‘Remedy Physio Ltd’ and thus provides treatment under their registration.
  • The limit of your insurance – please check the number of sessions you are permitted to have and/or the length of time that you can receive Physiotherapy over.
  • Whether or not you are required to pay an excess.
  • Whether or not you need to be referred by a GP or Consultant to claim back your Physiotherapy fees.
  • Whether or not you are covered to claim back any fees related to Injection Therapy – Andrew can advise you on this if you need further information.